Bacne Is Annoying At Best – Get Rid Of It With These Simple Steps

Posted on: Jan. 15, 2018, 12:12 p.m.

Bacne is annoying at best! Everyone has had it at some point or other, so you're not alone! Bacne is the acne (whiteheads, blackheads and cysts) which occurs on the back of your body. It can occur in both men and women, though it’s more common in men. One of the most common causes of back acne is sweaty clothes. It is the hair follicles in the back that traps sweat and bacteria thus causing the breakouts.

Best Skin Doctors in Washington DC

Some of the best skin doctors in Washington DC and in Northern VA always recommend removing that sweaty sports bra after the gym. You can consult one of the best dermatologists in your area to get rid of the rare problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. However, you can also get rid of bacne with these simple steps:

Exfolidate Regularly – Like the face, the upper torso and back have more oil-producing glands than any other area of the body. This clearly means they produce more of the skin’s natural oil, thereby increasing the chances of developing body acne in these areas. Therefore, exfoliating on a regular basis becomes vital since the skin cells on the back do not slough off as efficiently as it is required.

Wear Cotton Clothes – Any type of skin irritation can lead to outbreaks. It is always said to stay away from tight clothing so as to minimize friction, especially when sweating. Certain materials such as the cotton clothes absorb sweat from the skin thereby reducing irritation. Lighter colors and cotton are ideal, especially during workouts.

Try Cleansing Pads – Even when you have realized that your body is squeaky clean, do wipe the remaining dirt and oil out from the back of your body using cleansing pads. These pads are saturated with salicylic acid, so they fight breakouts while cleansing. Get a help from someone to rub these pads on your back!

Use An Acne Spray – Trying oral acne medication on your back can be tricky, but a simple spray can be the best suitable treatment to get rid of the acne. Because it is easy to spray all over the back instead of applying.

Shower After Workout – One of the leading causes of bacne is we are so busy working out in the gym that we end up working accumulating a lot of sweat. Breakouts on the back and body can be exacerbated by working out or sweating more. Whenever it is possible, shower right after exercising to remove sweat that may be irritating the skin and causing clogged pores on your back.

Don't Let Conditioner Sit on Your Back – Sometimes, washing our hair can also be the cause of bacne. When conditioner-coated hair sits directly on our backs, it seeps into the skin, thus leading to the pop up of back and body acne. Therefore, clip your hair up if you're going to let it sit in your hair for a bit. Even though you've rinsed, the freshly conditioned hair can irritate sensitive acne-prone skin.

Acne-fighting soaps and lotions can leave your skin more vulnerable to sunburn. If the conditions become worse, schedule an appointment with the best skin doctor in Washington DC or Northern VA to analyze the root cause prior starting with the treatment. Your doctor will provide you with a balanced blend of treatment for skin diseases.