Factors That Influence the Recovery Process from Any Infection

Posted on: Jan. 10, 2018, 12:14 p.m.

Often we have seen patients complaining that they are still feeling weak inside even after proper treatment. They often ask their internal medicine doctor if they still have the infection? Or do they need strong antibiotics?

When you start taking proper medication as prescribed by your internal medicine practitioner after having infection, you witness a notable increase in energy and overall well-being, within one or two days. However, in the subsequent days, the remaining recovery can be more protracted. It becomes very frustrating to get back to normal levels of strength, activity, appetite, etc.

Recovery Process from Any Infection

So why is it that you continue to feel unwell for days even after proper treatment?

The simple answer is that it requires a lot of energy for the body to fight an infection. The more serious the infection, the more energy required to fight it. The antibiotics are given to kill bacteria, however, the body has to allocate extra resources to fight off the infection. The more serious an infection, the more prolonged is the course of the illness. Infections which occur due to bacteria are considered to be the worst when it comes to the speed of recovery. These infections are extremely draining.


AGE – People younger in age are generally stronger and better hence they are able to fight off infections in a much better way. Older persons, on the other hand, tend to have more medical problems. These things may have a negative effect overall on the immune system and the ability to make a full recovery.


DURATION OF INFECTION PRIOR TREATMENT – There are some people especially men who wait until the dire conditions occur before they seek medical attention. But till then it is too late. The infection until that time becomes so extensive that it takes much more time and energy to eradicate the infection completely from the body.


STRENGTH OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – If you have a weak immune system, you will have less efficiency in fighting infections. To avoid the prolonged recovery time, your doctor tries to treat underlying medical conditions such as cancer, kidney failure, and poorly controlled diabetes through medications.


MORAL SUPPORT FROM FAMILY & FRIENDS – Patients who get great support from loved ones tend to get better in a quick time span. No doubt, there are other factors that play a vital role in diminishing this effect, however, when ill people have loved ones around cheering them on, they have a feeling that there is a reason to keep living.


POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE – The more positive attitude and approach the patient possesses, the better is the overall recovery from infections and disease in general.

The best way to treat your infection and recover quickly is to visit your internal medicine specialist. Your internal medicine doctor will try his level best to cure every disease. However, exceptions are always there! Sometimes people succumb to their infection no matter how hard they try. So, if you are suffering from any infection or can see any symptom, book an appointment with one of the best internal medicine doctors in Maryland or Fairfax VA at HealthCare800.

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