Put an End to Digital Eye Strain by Following These Tips

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Digital eye strain – a temporary discomfort that follows after prolonged use of digital devices such as laptop, smartphones, desktops, and tablets. If we go by figures alone, on an average nearly 9 in every 10 individuals spend more than two hours every day on their digital device. On the other hand, people who use multiple devices simultaneously, end up putting excessive strain on eyes. This constant exposure to technology is what causes risk of digital eye strain.

Sadly almost all of us are at the risk of digital eye strain! HealthCare800 brings to you the best eye doctors to provide expert treatment and care for all kinds of eye-related problems including a simple routine eye examination to more severe conditions of the eye and its surrounding structures.

Digital Eye Strain

Prevention Tips for Digital Eye Strain

One of the obvious ways of reducing digital eye strain is by limiting the use of digital devices, but all those who cannot reduce their usage here are multiple ways to reduce the impact:

Anti-Reflective Lenses – All such people are required to use specialized lenses to cater varied vision needs. The latest lens technology can help you protect your eye from blue light, glare and other environmental stressors. Computer glasses are specially designed for viewing content on digital screens. The design of the anti-reflective lenses allows you to relax your eyes, thereby reducing glare during prolonged use of digital devices.

Lubricant Eye Drops – These can be used for soothing eyes. However, simply do not use them without consulting the best ophthalmologist.

Maintain Good Distance – It is always recommended to position your device in such a way that there is sufficient distance between your eyes and the screen. The hand-held devices should be kept just below eye level and at a distance that offers comfortable reading. Children should hold devices as far as possible as they have shorter arms and therefore are subjugated to more risk of receiving the dose of harmful blue light.

Reduce Glare – Another thing to be always taken care of is to adjust the brightness of your screen and consider changing your device’s background color from bright white to a cooler gray.

Blink More Often – When one keeps on staring the screen of the digital device for a longer time, there are fewer possibilities of blinking the eye, thus causing eyes to become dry and itchy. Therefore, as a rule, blink as often while staring at the screen of your digital device.

Increase Text Size – So that you can easily read the screen content easily without facing any hiccups or without causing any sort. These can be used for soothing eyes of staring on your eyes, it is recommended to increase the size of the text.

An annual visit to one of the best eye doctors is vital for the entire family, especially children. Be sure to tell your best ophthalmologist about the computer work that you do and the average time you spend on electronic devices.