These Could be the Possible Reason if You Often Feel Fullness in Your Ear

Posted on: Feb. 5, 2018, 12:10 p.m.

Often people can be seen complaining “My ear feels full” with or without dizziness, while others could be seen complaining ringing or roaring noise in the ear. All such conditions are related to ear problems especially the middle part. This is an alarming call for you to consult an ear infection doctor usually referred to as ENT Specialist.

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This sensation in the ear is also termed as aural fullness. The leading cause is a condition known as cochlear hydrops which occurs when the fluid accumulates in the middle ear, thus increasing and creating an imbalance in the pressure. This pressure needs to be lowered or released by draining out the fluid. The early stage of this condition known as cochlear hydrops leads to Meniere’s disease.

Ear fullness can also be caused due to common cold, fever, a mild ear infection or due to ear wax. Regardless of the reasons behind ear fullness, a medical diagnosis by the best ear nose throat doctor in Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington DC is essential to identify cochlear hydrops or any other ear-related problems. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult an ear infection doctor.

Underlying Causes of Aural Fullness Includes:

Ear Infection – Ear infection in the form of otitis media occurs in the middle ear. It is a type of fungal infection that causes discharge and pain. Antibiotics are used to treat this problem. Sometimes, it may be non-symptomatic and resolves on its own.

Endolymphatic Hydrops – It is caused by fluid imbalance. A fluid called endolymph in the middle ear is maintained at a constant volume and pressure. Loss of this fluid also causes ear fullness. If it is associated with dizziness referred as vertigo and tinnitus, commonly known as Meniere’s disease, it needs to be treated immediately to avoid permanent hearing loss. The secondary endolymphatic hydrops can be caused due to head injury or an impact of surgery.

Cholesteatoma – This condition occurs when the eardrum gets ruptured or the  Eustachian tube does not function properly or due to repeated ear infections. This condition results in ear fullness that needs proper medical attention at the earliest to avoid worsening the situation.

If in case aural fullness is accompanied by fever, pain, dizziness, vertigo and imbalance, it is highly recommended to figure out the underlying cause of cochlear hydrops or any other ear problems. Consult the best ENT doctor in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC for the treatment or any other ear ailments. An ENT specialist will perform nasal endoscopy to diagnose the exact problem and start the treatment thereof. In nasal endoscopy, a thin tube is passed via the nose to examine the rear side of the nose and top of the throat to check if there is any fluid accumulation due to which blockage has occurred, therefore leading to ear fullness.

Hence, next time you feel fullness in your ears, it is advised to consult your ear infection doctor immediately. Early detection can save you from serious complications.