You Can Stop Mouth Breathing Right Away With These Steps

Posted on: Aug. 22, 2018, 9:29 a.m.

Does it matter, whether you breathe using nose or mouth, as long as you're breathing. Wrong! Breathing through mouth is a major health issue. This is because breathing through mouth instead of nose lowers down the level of oxygen in your blood. This in turn gives rise to various health concerns such as high blood pressure and health problems. Mode of breathing can also impact the development of oral and facial structures, thus making children suffer from abnormalities. In such case you need to meet ear nose throat doctor to provide suitable treatment for mouth breathing problem.

Ear Nose Throat Doctor

Treat Nasal Obstructions – Sometimes people breathe out of their mouths simply because their nasal paths are congested. An ENT doctor can diagnose and treat any such structural issues that create obstruction in breathing. They also treat any signs of cold or sinus problems immediately. You may need to take medication or even wear nasal strips. If nose is clear, you will be able to breathe properly and take a sound sleep. This will greatly reduce the chances of you breathing through your mouth.

Practice Nasal Breathing – This is the foremost step to be practiced regularly to get rid of the bad habit of mouth breathing. All throughout the day and night practice breathing through your nose. This will help you get used to how it feels breathing this way and will help your body in easily adjusting to nasal breathing. It is also recommended to perform breathing exercises daily. For this you need to inhale through nose and exhale through your mouth. This will encourage proper breathing while reducing anxiety and stress.

Sleep On Your Back – To promote nasal breathing, sleeping on your back is considered to be the good position. When you sleep on your back, the airways open thus allowing you to breathe naturally. This helps to reduce the chances of nose getting blocked. It is important to addres open airway issue if you want to stop breathing from mouth. When your airway gets obstructed, you might automatically start breathing from your mouth. Therefore, ENT doctors recommend to sleep on your back to stop mouth breathing.

Go For Myofunctional Therapy – Myofunctional therapy is conducted to re-pattern your facial and oral muscles. In this therapy, tongue and facial exercises are conducted along with behavior modification to encourage proper breathing and positioning of the tongue, neck and head, etc. The therapy improves the functioning of your airway muscles, which encourages nasal breathing during sleep. It can also work as a supplementary therapy after removing nasal obstructions.

Other recommendations include, reduce your stress, buy bigger pillows, exercise regularly and see an ENT doctor to know what will work for your mouth breathing problem.

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