Healthcare Market Place

What is Healthcare Market Place?

A One Stop Cloud Engine for Everyone to find Health Care Doctors, Providers, Health Services. We create a permanent Health care services Account for you and allow you to connect to the best Health Care Providers and you keep the permanent medical account of all your services.

1. Clients Create a permanent Health Care Account - CMA (Cloud Medical Account) , then search for their Providers in category

  Doctors (Private medical office doctors),

  Dentist (Dental providers)

  Facilities (All other Health care organizations and facilities).

   You  search by clicking one categories and then search directly by town, city or state for the top doctors.

2. We only connect you the best and top doctors in their specialties.

3. Client proceed to make an appointment instantly online and we confirm the appointment with client and Provider by email and or SMS Text  message. Client Account automatically keeps the record of the appointment and history of all previous and every appointment going forward permanenly, in your own secure Medical Account . Important you sign up before you make appointments, if not you appointment record will not be saved in your  Account.

4. Clients who sign up for CMA will automatically have access to our Provider Cloud based web portal powered by Medicrus, (The Patient/Provider portable electronic Medical Record), and have access to their  multiple appointments and the medical visit information with all Providers anywhere in the USA who use Medicrus Cloud eMR. Clients can also contact all their providers, request medication refills, or other needed interaction with their providers and access their complete information in their own password protected medical history account permanently.

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