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Eye disorders and diseases are common these days that affect both children and adults. Some eye problems often go away on their own while some serious eye conditions need specialist care. From cataracts, glaucoma to eye surgery complications, there are various eye diseases that need immdiate medical attention. An ophthalmologist is an experienced doctor who can provide you the best suitable treatment to make sure your eye health gets back on track. To find an experienced ophthalmologist near you, you can search the best doctors at HealthCare800 and schedule an appointment without any hassle.

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Healthcare800 is a one stop search engine to find the best eye doctors near you who can provide expert treatment and vision care for all kinds of eye problems. Ophthalmologists are proficient in treating various eye conditions and diseases. They have the expertise and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for diagnosing and treating all kinds of eye disorders. HealthCare800 helps you find the best eye care specialists with the click of a few buttons. Search, select and book an appointment with an ophthalmologist when your eyes need medical care or annual check-up.

The best ophthalmology specialists provide eye care services including:
•    Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases including glaucoma, eye tumor, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, dry eyes, uveitis, tearing, proptosis and more.
•    Vision care services such as eye examinations, visual acuity, refraction, ophthalmic surgery, surgical eye care, eye tests and more.

Best Eye Doctors Can Treat Following Eye Disorders:

•Cataract – Cataract mainly occurs in aged people. It leads to the decrease in eye vision due to clouding of the eye lens. Eye examination can reveal this eye problem and surgery is needed in cases where it can improve the quality of life.
•Glaucoma – Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in many people. Generally, people who have family history of glaucoma or high blood pressure develop this eye disease. Lifestyle changes and medications can help to improve glaucoma.
•Proptosis – In this eye condition, eyes dislocate from the orbit and bulge out anteriorly. It happens due to abnormal deposition of connective tissue in the orbit. It must be treated properly and timely. If left untreated, it makes it hard for the patient to close eyes during sleep, resulting in dryness and eye damage.
•Thyroid Eye Disease – It usually occurs in people who have overactive thyroid gland. In this autoimmune disease, eyes become fluffy due to the enlargement of eye muscles. The thyroid hormones attack the eye muscles and tissues, resulting in swollen eyes and vision problem.
•Diabetic Eye Disease – People suffering from diabetis mellitus develop this medical condition. If not treated with proper medication, Diabetic Eye Disease can ultimately result in blindness. Proper diagnosis and treatment can improve the condition of the eyes and vision problem.
•Other Eye Diseases – Refractive error, mascular degeneration, eye tumor, strabismus, dry eyes and more – all these eye conditions need proper diagnosis and treatment to avoid further complications.

Some Eye Procedures Adopted by Doctors

•Eye Examinations – In eye examination, your doctor may use a series of tests that are designed to evaluate a person’s vision power and to diagnose eye problems. An ophthalmologist may use variety of diagnostic methods, including retina exam, refraction, visual acuity, introcular pressure measurement and more, to evaluate different aspects of your eye health.
•Corrective Eye Surgeries – Cataract extraction is the common eye surgery. Some of the corrective eye surgeries include LASIK, LASEK, PRELEX, keratectomy, refractive lens exchange, lens implants and so on.
•Corneal Transplantation – In this surgical procedure, an ophthalmologist replaces the damaged / diseases part of the cornea with corneal tissue donated by a healthy person. Talk to your ophthalmologist before undergoing corneal transplantation to prepare yourself and to know the pros and cons of this eye surgery.

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