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With the dozens of meetings, and events on your to-do list every day, it's hard enough to go for the annual skin check up with your dermatologist. A visit to your derm’s office should not be pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. At HealthCare800, we make it easy for you to book an appointment instantly with one of the best-rated dermatologists for the treatment of vitiligo, leprosy and other skin diseases. A dermatologist provides a full range of dermatologic care for both common and rare problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. Skin doctor also specializes in treating common as well as advanced dermatology disorders.

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HealthCare800 is your health search engine where you can find experienced skin doctors who can provide the best quality services at accessible prices. The best rated dermatologists strive to provide a balanced blend of treatment for skin diseases such as vitiligo, leprosy and more and also look at the cosmetic aspect as well. An experienced dermatologist treats each patient differently and completely analyze the root cause prior starting with the treatment.

  • Acne / Eczema
  • Psoriasis / Leprosy
  • Infections / Hair Loss
  • Skin Care / Vitiligo
  • Pemphigus Vulgaris
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

How Latest Technology is used for Treatment

Fractional CO2 Laser – The technology is used to permanently remove the scars. The results given by the technology are much similar to the one that is achieved on resurfacing of the skin.

IPL As A Dermatological Technology – It is used to keep a check over non-intrusive cosmetic treatments. In such type of treatment, a pulse of intense light is projected into the skin. Intense Pulse Light energy eliminates abnormal pigmentation. It also helps in the production of collagen which ultimately helps in the tightening of the skin, eliminates wrinkles, & makes you look younger.

Laser Dermatological Technology – Laser technology is widely used in dermatological medaesthetic treatments. Laser technology is used for wrinkle elimination, improving skin texture, removing acne and other types of scars.

IR Dermatological Technology – When infrared light is projected into the skin, it penetrates the outer layer and is absorbed in deeper skin tissue. This energy causes the generation of heat which affects collagen level thereby resulting in the better-looking skin.

Advanced Holistic Treatments Available

Microdermabrasion – In this procedure skin is "sandblasted" by microcrystals to remove dead skin cell. It promotes new skin cells production & collagen networking.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – It is a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation treatment wherein a fraction of your own blood is used to stimulate collagen & improve the skin's texture & elasticity.

Botox and Fillers – BOTOX is an injectable purified protein which is used for eyebrow reshaping, aging neck creases & treatment of excessive sweating.

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